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Libro Teoria General Del Proceso Vicente Puppio Pdf wasyhaml




Read Book Book of Numbers Chapter By Fred R. Shapiro, The New York Times, Published: April 13, 2009. p. B1. 1. Book of Numbers 1:1–15 2.1.1–46 The translation of the name of God as Yahweh is a modern scholarly decision. The antecedent in Numbers 1:1 is the word "Yahweh," which is the name of a deity (Heb. yhwh) and does not refer to God. Nevertheless, it is a mistake to translate the Hebrew words as "Yahweh" or "God." These words are capitalized for emphasis and usually refer to the deity, not to a person (cf. 1Ki 1:4,, ). They sometimes refer to God in a manner analogous to the Greek. In this book, however, the most common reference to the deity occurs in the passive voice, and when the author of Numbers is quoting the voice of God, he italicizes the original language (1:2, ; 2:2; 3:2, ; 4:5; 5:3,, ; 6:2,,, ; 11:5,,, ; 12:5,, ; 15:7). Although the deity appears to be the author's first and most frequent choice for the name of God (although not in all texts), this is not a significant point of dispute; scholars do not argue over whether Yahweh, El Shaddai, El Elyon, or other names are original or secondary. Thus, it is not important that the name of God in Exodus 3:14,,,,,, and 34:5,, is in the genitive case, since the author of Exodus is quoting a voice from the deity. Nevertheless, there is no convincing reason for translating the name of God as "Yahweh" or "God" rather than "El" or "God," except for personal taste. Some scholars have suggested that the use of the genitive Yahweh instead of a name should be called a literary device. This is probably incorrect. Although modern scholars prefer to translate the name of God as "Yahweh," this does not mean that the ancient authors and scribes did not know or use other names of the deity. Since the use of "Yahweh" is part of a modern literary style, one must be careful not to apply its conventions to ancient



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Libro Teoria General Del Proceso Vicente Puppio Pdf wasyhaml

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